SciCafe2.0 Tool


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For the first time a user logs in, the cookies protection level has to be adjusted. The cookies protection level of the users' browser can be re-set to its normal setting afterwards. So for the first time the browser cookies protection has to be temporarily adjusted as follows:

  • For Safari - temporarily set to minimum
  • For Explorer, Chrome and Firefox temporarily set to low/medium

The Platform:

The SciCafe2.0 Virtual Platform will manage knowledge sharing by enabling people:


  • to promote and manage debates on-line on the SciCafe2.0 topics
  • to browse on-line information and services
  • to organise the retrieved on-line knowledge, information and services in personal databases, and directories
  • to share knowledge, information and services contained in the personal databases with the community
  • to browse shared information and services stored in the platform and organised according to an ontology

New functionalities will be specifically added embedding tools and open source resources for managing virtual meetings as follows:

  • web streaming (embedding existing tools like YouTube/Google hangouts)
  • video archive and research engine (again embedding YouTube and Google)
  • live chat during streaming, forum before and after science café sessions
  • calendar (embedding Google calendar or similar)
  • mailing list system
  • mechanism for user feedback/voting/polling

The platform will include the tools to support metrics for evaluating SciCafe sessions in terms of, for example, the effectiveness of their facilitation of collaboration of all parties in the public engagement with Science and Technology.


Citizens’ Say Knowledge Exchange

The Citizens’ Say Knowledge Exchange is used by the SciCafe2.0 Platform to provide the required access to External Knowledge and additional functionalities such as Recommendations, Keyword Extraction, Named Entity Recognition, Text Enhancement (Annotation) as well as a parametric description of the way citizens have responded to a participative engagement session - as required and envisaged within the scope of the SciCafe2.0 project. 

Thus the Citizens’ Say Knowledge Exchange provides access to external repositories of information (e.g. DBpedia) and also makes recommendations to the SciCafe2.0 users; suggesting activities/events depending on each user’s specific interests (relevant profile) and activities description. This allows the SciCafe2.0 tool to search for individuals, organizations or events that are present in the external Knowledge Repository.
One other feature of the Citizens’ Say Knowledge Exchange is the Annotation tool, which provides enhanced text information or links, by linking important entities to Wikipedia or DBpedia articles.


The Observatory Support

The European Observatory for Crowd-Sourcing supports informed, engaged and empowered scientific citizenship to clarify the latest facts and recommendations arising on issues related to societal and global concerns e.g.

  • the worldwide Environmental Science base to help objective analysis of sustainability issues, and, respective local problems-solutions propositions
  • the evolution of Religious Radicalisation, and Extremism – particularly as this affects young citizens

SciCafe2.0 Tool as a portable virtual platform is adoptable for different participative engagement forums such as for policy making and e-democracy contexts, collective-awareness issues, education and research.
This virtual platform will serve as a tool for collective intelligence among research groups, citizens and enterprises.
The platform will support the activities and management of a community of interest joining individuals as well as pre-existing communities on the basis of features of human behaviour, interests and user profiles; thus enabling people to organise the retrieved on-line information and services in databases according to their specific needs. Thus each individual can play their part, in the fulfilment of their desired role in providing and/or using the community information, data and services.