Observatory Mission

The Challenge

  • promote deeper engagement on social issues: scientific citizenship
  • provide portable virtual platform & observatory support for crowd-sourcing
  • promote local and global scale knowledge sharing and co-evolution of ideas
  • facilitate participative management to enable inclusive, e-democratic and co-creative consensus solution seeking
  • conduct methodologically-guided experiments to evaluate various approaches for engaging the citizens in the democratic consultative process
  • establish a framework of normative forms and associated models, metrics and KPIs to inform best practice and assess the efficacy of social engagement
  • support collectively informed reflective practice at all levels of problem solving 


SciCafe2.0 –  A European Support Agency for Deeper Informed  Engagement and Participative Leadership

  • convergence of motivations for traditional Science Cafes, and, Crowd Sourcing
  • participative knowledge exchange/co-generation of knowledge - multi-lateral flows
  • virtual Platform, inviting and supporting citizen input to democratic decision making
  • methodologies for participative engagement/crowd-sourcing experiments
  • mobilising collective intelligence: insights into best participative engagement models
  • off/on-line methodologies connecting the virtual framework to local communities
  • providing shared knowledge base with invitational/customisable interfaces
  • promoting the involvement of real communities facing real problems
  • deepening and widening shared sense making; harvesting collective knowledge