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Agenda: SciCafe 2.0 Consortium: European Observatory for Crowd-sourcing Workshop

Agenda: SciCafe 2.0 Consortium: European Observatory for Crowd-sourcing Workshop

Human Trafficking, Modern Slavery and Migration: A European Crisis

Date: 9th March (10:30 – 16:30)

Venue: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Piazzale Aldo Moro 7, Aula Bisogno, Rome



Welcome address by Corrado Bonifazi, Director of CNR-IRPPS

Introduction by Atta Badii, Coordinator of the SciCafe project

Session 1: Chair: Atta Badii

  • Human Trafficking in the Italian context: some conceptual issues and research results

          Enrico Pugliese 

  • Tension on humanitarian resources, internal open borders, external European borders, host communities and social cohesion, Any Socially Rooted Solutions?

          Paola Degani, Maura Misiti

  • The hard conditions of foreign people in jail: from rights' violation to abandonment.

    Silvia Caravita


Session 2: Chair: Adriana Valente

  • EMN studies on smuggling of migrants

    Marco Accorinti and Mattia Vitiello

  • Caught in Between: Contrasting Early Marriages in Roma Communities through Civil and Political Engagement. A Roman experience

          Monica Rossi

  • Intelligent anti-trafficking suite: Socio-ethical and Participative Engagement Technologies to prevent and combat human trafficking

         Atta Badii, Augustina Brizuela, Horacio Brizuela, and Luis Alfonso Palomares

  • SciCafe 2.0 Objectives and Achievements

        Atta Badii, Balint Balazs