SciCafe 2.0


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The Platform:

The SciCafe2.0 Virtual Platform will manage knowledge sharing by enabling people:



CAPS Tools and Models Evaluation Cafes

CAPS Tools and Models Evaluation Cafes


  1. Expert-based Heuristic Evaluation of Tool and Engagement Sessions User Experience
  2. Community-based Evaluation of the Efficacy of the Tool and Models in facilitation of Participative Engagement and Leadership (PEL)

The SciCafe 2.0 Tool (including the Citizens’ Say Knowledge Exchange) is accessible through our website at:  

The SciCafe2.0 Mission is to support PEL with enhanced user experience, mutual harvesting of collective intelligence and crowd-sourced problem solving:

  • Have we succeeded to some degree?
  • We look to our stakeholders to judge this including the CAPS Community.

We are hoping to contribute to some Exchange Evaluations of CAPS Tools and Models within the CAPS projects. We would like to benefit from the CAPS Evaluation Experience of other projects focused on this aspect. We feel this would be mutually rewarding and enjoyable. It will enable us to explore the results and learn together how to maximise the citizens’ Quality-of-Experience in Participative Engagement and find the resulting solutions, what works, what does not work, in what engagement contexts and why?

We will present the latest release of SciCafe2.0 tool in the project market place at the SIS-RRI Conference Rome 19-21 November; attend the CAPS meeting 9th October at the ICT Event Florence and the open workshop on 16th December in Brussels.   We look forward to discussions with our CAPS colleagues about how we may mobilise more cross-fertilisation of ideas on Exchange Evaluation and Cross-Validation of CAPS Tools and Models.


SciCafe 2.0 Consortium