Model Building

Testing-Refinements for Best Practice in Public Engagement

  • experimentoria of different participative engagement approaches applied to real prototypical cases: Plan-Facilitate-Evaluate-Learn-Refine Model
  • metrics framework and KPIs including efficacy and conclusivity of the engagement protocols, channels, models etc.  
  • quality-of-Experience from self-expression (on/off-line) of participants
  • dissemination of insights on the best situated practice
  • testing new ways to advance e-participation and e-democracy given the complexity of public decisions, the confluence of different types of knowledge
  • enabling the interplay of experts’ and citizens’ viewpoints


Motivating and Supporting Scientific Citizenship

Drawing on:

  • multi-disciplinary knowledge of participants from various walks of life
  • enriched insights/inter-disciplinary context-awareness of specialists


  • the Quality and relevance of discipline-specific reflections and contributions
  • the overall quality of socially informed reflective practice
  • the confluence of different stakeholders’  insights and experience
  • the empowering of citizens’ role in democratic debate  
  • the balance of informative and consultative facets of participation