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The Platform:

The SciCafe2.0 Virtual Platform will manage knowledge sharing by enabling people:



SciCafe2.0 Participatory Engagement Tool Stakeholders’ Requirements Workshop

Citizens’ Say Participatory Engagement Tool Stakeholders’ Requirements Workshop is arranged to take place in Brussels on 27th March 2014, 13:30 - 17:00 Hrs.

The SciCafe2.0 Consortium funded under the Collective Awareness Platforms Objectives of the European Commission FP7 Research Programme, is currently engaged in a phase of user requirements study focused on the elicitation and prioritisation of the various stakeholders’ needs in respect of ICT-enabled tools for promoting and conducting Public Engagement and Participative Leadership.

As part of this process a Stakeholders’ Requirements Workshop is arranged to take place in Brussels on 27th March 2014, 13:30 - 17:00 Hrs (meeting place in Brussels to be finalised soon). We would much appreciate your participation and would be grateful if you could kindly confirm this by next Monday 3rd March. If you are interested to attend please email the SciCafe Coordinator Professor Atta Badii at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The SciCafe Virtual Participatory Engagement Platform supports the activities and management of communities of interest. It is to serve as a portable virtual platform that can be adapted as a tool for harvesting collective intelligence among research groups, citizens and enterprises. For example for participative engagement forums in policy making and e-democracy contexts, collective-awareness raising and objective analysis of issues relating to societal, technological and environmental sustainability issues. The tool is to help community builders-leaders in fostering e-democracy as well as raising the floor for all, including the vulnerable, the disaffected, the minorities and single-issue interest groups, to find a space for informed citizens' engagement in consensus solution seeking and policy innovation within the framework of open and transformative government. The SciCafe2.0 Consortium is currently attempting to specify the features best valued by the various stakeholders for such a tool e.g.

  • promoting and managing debates online on topics of interest
  • browsing online information and services
  • organising the retrieved knowledge online, as well as information and services in personal databases and directories
  • sharing knowledge, information and services contained in personal databases with the community
  • browsing shared information and services stored in the platform and organised according to an ontology
  • web streaming (embedding existing tools like YouTube/Google hangouts)
  • video archiving and research engine (embedding YouTube and Google)
  • live chat during streaming, before and after discussion sessions
  • calendar (embedding Google calendar or similar)
  • mailing list system
  • mechanism for user feedback/voting/polling
  • metrics for evaluating Participatory Engagement sessions in terms of, for example, the effectiveness of their facilitation, the collective empowerment of the participants, and the outcomes.

An online User-Study survey is also available through our website We would much appreciate your kind cooperation in taking a few minutes to respond to this online questionnaire. We plan to disseminate the resulting user-studies report to all the community.