An investigation on the social and cognitive consequences of virtual communication

 By Franco Bagnoli   Introduction   Humans are social animals. Most of our actions are determined by the neighbouring environment, or, better, by what we perceive as our neighbouring environment. So, we act differently if we are aware of being observed with respect to the feeling of loneliness, and clearly this depends on our perception […]

Are we independent thinkers? Cognitive dissonance and its effect in virtual groups

  Authors: Altini Andrea, Biagioni Debora, Canosa Carlotta, Cassina Giulia, Duradoni Mirko, Fisico Alice   Introduction The ways humans beings behaves, thinks, and makes decisions isn’t always a rational way. Kurt Lewin’s Field Theory construct (1943) affirms that those aspects may be influenced by cognitive heuristics, which comes from both individual’s characteristics and external environment. […]

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